Pension Transfers

Since the introduction of flexible access to pensions in 2015 and the changes to taxation of pension assets there has been a significant increase in the potential benefit of transferring pensions, particularly occupational (final salary) pensions.  


The transfer values of these pension benefits are substantially higher than they have been historically, due, mainly, to the current low interest rate environment.


Many people are finding that the transfer value of their pension benefits is now a life changing amount of money and if managed correctly can potentially provide them with a comfortable retirement income and still leave significant amounts to be passed on to their children or other beneficiaries, often tax free.

Providing advice on pension transfers is a specialist area and our managing director, Tim Twiddy, has been professionally qualified to provide this advice since 1993 and Atlantic Investors has the required, specialist, permissions from the Financial Conduct Authority to provide this type of advice.

If you have benefits in an occupational pension scheme contact us to establish what they are and whether it would be in your interests to transfer them.